Ocean Breeze – Portugal

Portugal. Finally arrived. After a long travel day yesterday, I woke up with the sun in my face today and could not imagine anything more beautiful. Our house is the madness and the weather is bombastic. My love for the sea we had of course immediately came afterwards and we went directly after an extensive breakfast to the beach. It was warm, not hot and incredibly windy, so I left my hat right at home. But let’s not imagine anything, the Atlantic is ice-cold and swim, arrrgh, but I’m just a too big frost bag. But there is nothing better than endless beach walks, the waves rinse your legs. Time to think.


At last, I was able to run my new black swimsuit from Zara from this collection. I just love it with its subtle lacing at the front and the deep back cut at the back, so it is simple but still particularly in detail. And black also quickly covers the problem zones, so a must-have, which I always have with me. But as beautiful beach days are, they make incredibly tired, so my trip now goes to the land of dreams.


Good night, xoxo




5 thoughts on “Ocean Breeze – Portugal

  1. Question! I am visiting Spain in November for the 1st time, may go to Portugal too and was wondering what would be best to wear ? Will the weather be terribly cold?


    1. Well it’s a little cold, yes. But it also depends wheter you go to the Algarve or around Lisboa. It’s more windy at the west coast. I would probably wear a cozy sweater with comfy jeans. Or a layering outfit is also a good idea! But you should not forget a big scarf and a jacket for the colder days.
      Have a nice holiday and i hope the weather will be good! ❤ @queencitypetite

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