Fallen leaves and cozy eves

It was one of these october days when to breathe the air is like drinking wine, and every touch of the wind against one’s face is a caress…

Hello autumn! You’re my favourite season, so please stay beautiful. I could not imagine anything better than endless walks through the colorful leaves while the sun tickles my neck. It’s the little things that make life worth living. Finally, getting back into cozy sweaters, sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace and watching series all day and night. The smell of fall, the cold, all that makes it lovely and cuddly. It is the time of feelings and thoughts, where we can escape into our dreams…


Of course, I needed to enjoy the last warm sunrays with my best friend. For the outfit I simply combined my striped blouse dress with a brown knit sweater from Mango. The gray bag is from Michael Kors. My shoes from Maripé I wore with white lace and also my favorite sunnies could’nt be missing.

I wish you a golden, happy autumn, and see it as a chance for new experiences, take time for yourself and appreciate how gentle the rain reappears. Much love, xoxo


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