Holly jolly Christmas

Be filled with wonder, be touched by peace.

First of all i hope all of you have had a joyful and happy Christmas, whether you stayed with your family or with friends!

The time of love, time of happiness, time for ourselves, all this is Christmas. These days are the most intense time of the year and i adore them, especially because of all the great food.  There is such a certain magic in the air that makes me feel so filled with happiness.

And it is also my favourite time to dress up… For all of the three days i had different styles: Christmas eve i wore my new tulle skirt in black together with my black glitter body and it’s low back section.  The shoes were the  challenge of the evening but it was worth it! The accessories were simple: my heart necklace and my small bracelet, plus my dark glasses.
The beige coat rounded off the outfit perfectly.


The day after i visited my family and we had a great afternoon together. I had a little more conspicuous outfit: My black roll-neck sweater completed my silver pleated skirt. Also the black ankle boots with glitter matched beautiful. The little accessories and my favourite Stella McCartney bag fulfilled the look!


Day three was more a chill day where i just hung around in my cozy winter pyjama reading my new book all day and a little netflix and chill… Hope you enjoyed christmas as well too, xx!



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