Winter wonderland 

There’s nothing better than waking up with an incredible view to the mountains.. The snow makes it even more wonderful! I missed that ❤️… But now we are back in again, yeeeees!

Switzerland, Wengen. 1274m above the sea. Mountains all around. Accessible only by train. That’s my paradise. But winter holidays are way more than just skiing. Anyway, admitted: Skiing is the best. I do not know anything else that makes me feel so wild and free! Happiness overcomes me when i hit the slopes, huiii..


But skidays are long and tiring and in the afternoon we finish with some après ski drinks in a bar! The evenings look quite different: Sometimes we stay at the house, playing cards, drinking and talking and other days we visit the shops in town or simply go out for dinner.

The other fun thing is sledging. I just love it and: children of winter never grow old! I believe this also applies to me!

And when all this winter wonderland comes to an end, i’m more than sad because now daily life starts again. But there are the endless car rides against the sunset before we are home. Time to think, to reflect, to thank and to love.

soon back, xoxo


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