Australia – First stop: Cairns

Thursday, Frankfurt International Airport, 7pm, Terminal 1. The journey starts and i’m fucking excited. But at the same time every goodbye is hard, leaving my family and my boyfriend at home is the worst, and i have been so sad that evening.

But I couldn’t stop and shouldn’t go back ’cause this is the trip i’ve always wanted to do. I’m on the plane and something new is about to start now.

Friday, Singapore, 5pm, local time.  The first part is done. I decided to leave the airport for a quick stopover and went for a little city stroll and a drink on the rooftop bar of the Marina Bay Sands with some friends.

7 hours later, I returned to the airport and waited for my second flight. Saturday, 10am, Cairns Airport. I arrived. I’m sad, i feel alone, i miss my boyfriend, i miss my family. I just want back home.

Anyway i went and got a taxi to my hostel. Strolling through the ‘city’ (it’s just one main street) I met a girl who just talked to me and tried to get me into a better mood and it has been a success. I feel a little better now.

Later that day i became friends with three girls from england. We spend the evening together, going out for dinner at P.J’s. Best Chicken Parmigiana ever!

3:30 am. Jetlag is real. And the reason why i spend the next two days just by the pool or the beautiful lagoon of Cairns, napping most of the time.

Wednesday was adventure day. With a group of people we drove to the tablelands, the backland of australia. It’s a lot more hilly and the rainforest begins over here. We saw beautiful Lake Eacham, which was so green/blue, I can’t really describe the colour it was just amazing! After that we had lunch by the lake! Break.
2pm: we went on to some waterfalls, the famous milla milla falls. Just stopped here for a quick swim in icecold water. The waterfalls have been so beautiful, i was speechless how wonderful and quiet mother nature could be! And also this day came to an end… All together we went for some fruits and tea, before we headed home.

Thursday. I’ve always thought about what paradise looks like. Then Gemma and me have been to Palm Cove. Now i know it’s the place to be! Palm trees by the beach. It’s better than in any movie. Few people by the beach, white sand, palm trees and a lovely little village in the back. Ocean breezes and time to enjoy. I’ve been soo happy!!!

It’s friday. I can now affirm that i haven’t regret to stay even of it hasn’t been easy in the beginning. And yes, there are still so many moments where i miss my boyfriend and my family but this is okay.
Time to move on. Girlstrip to Townsville and Magnetic Island calling!!!

xx Kathi


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