Second stop: Magnetic Island

Saturday morning. After a long night in the bus we finally arrived here in Townsville. The hostel we went to was so amazing i couldn’t even believe it was a hostel. We just took a nap by the pool before we explored the city and went for some food shopping. The day passed and we just layed by the pool and i fell asleep quite early.

Sunday was the day, we set over to magnetic island, and i couldn’t have wished for anything better. The weather was amazing and our hostel right by the beachfront, so beautiful! Felt like i have been in paradise. Gemma and I just decided to swim in the sea ’cause it’s been quite hot that day..

Mondays. They are always shit. Same in Australia. It has been raining the whole day long but anyway the girls and I hired a car and went on a roadtrip around magnetic island. “It’s raining men halleluja it’s raining men!”… Well although the weather wasn’t that great we went for a walk up to an indredible lookout, where we could overview the island and we saw a cute little koala baby 🐨 Later we took the car driving down to some amazing bays, called horseshoe bay, geoffrey bay …

And i can tell you nothing is worse than driving on australien roads in the middle of nowhere, ’cause they are completly shit.

Tuesday was all about snorkeling. The weather hasn’t changed, but we need to make the best of it. So we had an extensive breakfast and then went for a snorkel tour right by our beach. I wasn’t really lookin forward to that ’cause of the weather… But well… i’ve been so impressed after this. It was so amazing, the water was so clear and we saw so many coloured fish from yellow to blue, from small to big and the best: little but beautiful corals in bright colors… oh, I couldn’t get enough of that!!!

Wednesday. All about feeding wild wallabies. Getting up early has been definitely worth it if u can see some wallabies in their natural habitant. And going for a walk by the beach is always a good idea, isn’t it?


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