Fourth Stop: Fraser Island

27th of October. Time is rushing. My next tour is about to start and I’m pretty excited as always. This time we’ll explore Fraser with 4×4 cars, camp together and discover the wildlife. The day before, we had a briefing session getting to know the group and being instructed how to drive in soft sand. Again, my favorite girls Dotti and Greta with whom I traveled lately, joined the tour.

Friday morning, quick brekki and off we go. The road from our accomodation led us directly to the beach, from where we could take the ferry to Fraser Island. In front of us the largest sand island in the world. 2 hours driving on the beach…. Tiring. But the forest paths were a pure adventure. Shaken but safe we finally arrived. The destination: Australia’s most famous freshwater Lake McKenzie. Just magical. White sand hit light blue water… Time to relax a little.

After an extensive picnic and endless motor problems, we made it to the camp where we spend the next two nights. The people in my car were so lovely and funny, three scottish guys, two dutch girls and an english couple, could not wish for better company. I shared my tent with my two girls and first thing to do when arrived, is napping, of course.

In the afternoon our ranger sent us on a hike up the sand dunes. It was pretty long and the mosquitoes were attacking us all the time, but when we made it to the top and watched the sunset above the ocean, it was definitly worth it! The day ended with a barbecue in the camp, a few cups of goon and a lot of fun!

4:59. No one was awake yet, but it was incredibly beautiful to watch the sun rise up and listen to the birds beginning to twitter. Quickly, the voices in the tents became louder and louder. Later we prepared the breakfast all together so that we could start driving at 8am.

Today Champagne Pools and Indian Head were on program. Both beautiful places, especially the Champagne pools. Indented by stones, the sea rinses in and out and it glitters so amazing, i fell in love. From Indian Head a fantastic view over the island expected us.!

In the afternoon we drove to Elis Creek, an ice cold freshwater river on the island. It was smaller than I had imagined, but somehow so convoluted. Hanging around was a lot of fun! In the evening we just had pasta and then went straight to bed.

Sunday morning. Our last stop is Lake Wobby, a deep green lake surrounded by large sand dunes. It deserves so much more attention, it’s definitly one highlight on fraser for me. The walk there was hot and exhausting, but it was definitely worth it.

And now another trip is already over. Time goes by so quickly…


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