In and Around: Brisbane

First of all, unfortunately, I’m totally in delay with my posts, but I wanted to enjoy Australia to the fullest, because somehow time passes so fast ..


Only a few days later and here I am! My last stop together with the girls before heading to Brisbane. Arrived in our hostel we were first told about the upcoming Halloween Party. Of course we wanna go out, but rather not to buy a costume! That’s why we put together the classic low budget Halloween costume and together it’s even fun to wear it hahah. The party was also pretty good in the end and you can party really well with Australians!

Definitely the highlight here in Noosa was the National Park, which stretches along the coast and offers so much that my eyes could not get enough of. On my left several coastal walks with the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen, from small rocky creeks to long sandy beaches, on my right there a lot of forest with incredible animals and plants. That was just amazing! The paths skirted by gumtrees and only now and then you met people. It was quiet, only nature spoke and that’s exactly what we enjoyed mostly! No words left.

And the sunsets were stunning. Noosa was actually my fave place in australia ❤️


Brisvegas, here I am again !! Now Tom arrived, my new Travelbuddy and in front of us 3000 miles down the East Coast, 7 more stops and hopefully lots of more wonderful experiences. The days here in Brisbane were spent mostly by exploring the city, staying at Southbank, a park with a pool that offers a great view over Brisbane’s skyline with several cafes and restaurants. I particularly enjoyed walking in the Royal Botanic Gardens, or strolling along the river and watching the Australian bustle. To sum it up, I think Brisbane is a young city, beautiful to live in, work, study, and celebrate, and always worth a visit!


And again at the next stop. I cannot believe how fast time passes. And as soon as we arrive, the weather changes too. It is pleasant 20 degrees, a bit stormy but just in this imperfection I find perfection. Our hostel is beautiful, the old leather sofas in the lobby, the individual tables and chairs in the kitchen, … We love it here!

Even if the weather does not scream for the beach, we still wanna enjoy it. The best thing here in Surfers was the beautiful view from the Q1 Tower !!!

And as my personal tip: in the main street you HAVE TO EAT TACOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!


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