Where i lost my heart: Sydney

It’s been two years since I have visited Sydney for the first time and there’s something about this city… I just can’t explain, but I fell in love head over heels with this magical place. It’s good to be back! And it definitely won’t be the last time!!!

I was looking forward to this stop more than to anything else. My beloved Sydney. We spend one week here. Our hostel was right behind the station, very central and located in Surrey Hills. But the best part of the hostel was the huge rooftop terrace, with the most breathtaking view i’ve ever seen in my life. We could watch the sun rise and set, over Sydney’s skyline. That was just amazing!

On our first day we explored Sydney by foot, went down to Darling Harbor and enjoyed the view of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. On our way back we’ve crossed China Town and famous Paddy’s Markets, located at Haymarket and it is more like a traditional flea market, specialising in cheap imported clothes, giftware and it also has a small section for fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood. Shopping in Chinatown is very   recommendable as well cause it offers a huge variety of styles and price classes and you can find these little individual shops not just the big brands.

Sunday. Our destination today were the Blue Mountains. Two hours by train in the hinterland and one hour of walking through Katoomba have definitely been more than worth it. At a pleasant 22 degrees we explored the Blue Mountain National Park. The nature there is just fantastic, there is so much greenery, so many mountains and endless things to discover. Since the hiking trails are all located above, you have a breathtaking view. Even if it sounds weird, I somehow felt free. A funny change were the hundreds of Asians, who all totally freaked out because of the Three Sisters .. In the end for me it’s been way more than that and i’m totally impressed of mother natures beauty.

Mondays could be worse. We gonna spent the day at Bondi, just relaxing at the beach and admiring some surfers. I was so lucky to have a little bit of time to the let the past six weeks pass by, write diary about all these amazing experiences and to be thankful for all these people I met along the way. There’s no better place to think about that with the sound of rushing waves in your ears. Later that day we went along the street art walls facing the beach to the one and only Iceberg pools and I was speechless, they were stunning. The amazing colour of the pools,  in the back the wide and endless blue ocean, blue sky and sun. Dreamy.

The next days we hung around anywhere in the city and found some lovely places. One of them was the sydney fish market which we discovered by accident. Although I do not like to marvel at living sea animals, it was quite interesting to see the mass of fish. In the end we got ourselves a portion of fish and chips and sat on the pier enjoying our lunch in an incredibly beautiful atmosphere. The other favorite spot was little outdoor bar in the Royal Bontanic Gardens. Tom explored it a few days before and led me here at our last evening. We had dome drinks and enjoyed the sunset with a view of the harbor bridge, the opera house and the skyline on the right hand side. I felt so distant from the big city life, when we just sat and talked about god and the world. It was amazing quiet here, you could here all the noise and it was just a perfect end to you Sydney.

Well, finally I finished this. Sometimes it is quite hard to find the right words and the time to write about something you love. Sydney is just amazing. I have no words. It makes me speechless cause it is magical!


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