Last Stop: Melbourne

New day, new city.

After 20 hours bus ride and a night sleeping at the bus station in Canberra we finally arrived in Melbs. At least we could say ‘one night in Canberra’… It’s 4 pm. We were so done. It was the most horrible night ever. But, … no bad vibes!! Another city trip is about to start and my Australia journey about to end. I am happy and sad at the same time. Well the rest of the day we haven’t done anything special just a little coles shopping and napping, of course!


The next morning we had charged some new energy and were ready to explore Melbourne. First stop was the Queen Victoria Market. It is an open market were you could find everything your heart fantasizes about. From modern art to vintage accessories, fruits, vegetables, vintage clothing or some special dishes. On the market place a band has been playing music and the atmosphere was just so so happy and unbound, that was incredibly beautiful. So many warm hearted and wonderful human beings together. This has probably been one of the best things in Australia.


Melbourne, State Library. That old charm… Nothing beats this!

8am. Waking up to the sound of traffic. Big city life. It is that kind of cloudy Sunday you can appreciate to the fullest because you had a month of sunshine everyday. Happy because life is great! We were about to explore Fitzroy, another lovely and quite modern suburb of Melbs. You can spot street art whenever you take a look in those little alleys and find lots of little unique cafés, each with its own charme. Industry Beans is one and has been highly recommended as Tom told me, so we needed to try it. Another city stroll later we arrived and the location… AMAZING! While thinking back to my avo smash and cappuccino I would  starve for this even now !!!


Beach walks in the morning dispel sorrow and worry. Brighton Beach. 11 am. Wherever my gaze wanders, all I can see are these little colorful beach huts. Some are just painted in one color, others are designed down to the smallest detail.

Although the beach itself wasn’t that beautiful the suburb was adorned with houses, one prettier than the other. We crossed these streets ’cause we were about to catch the bus to St Kilda. Heard a lot of this place. My mom has lived here years ago and she is more than right when she says you can feel all those Melbourne vibes here.

Brighton Beach Huts
St Kilda


Strolling along the Yarra River, watching the rowers, looking at Melbourne’s beautiful skyline, lunching at Southbank, all this should come to an end now. This last evening we decided driving up the Eureka Tower. The view above Melbourne and its suburbs was just amazing. I’ve seen so many magical sunrises and sunsets here in Straya but this one counts to my faves.


Great time Melbs, thank you!

I am so thankful for this journey. It has been the very best experience. I am grateful to have the possibility to travel the world, to make memories that last a lifetime, for the people that I met along the journey, for either the good or bad experiences that let you grow and teach you life!


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